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Stepless Shifting—as Simple as Adjusting the Volume on a Radio

Gone are the days of hard riding caused by gears locking or skipping. Say good-bye to creaking chainrings: The revolutionary NuVinci Optimized transmission provides a perfectly relaxed ride and a smooth, stepless progression from one ratio to another, literally with a twist of the wrist. You have to try it! 

It's All About the Hub

The NuVinci transmission technology is revolutionary and will take your cycling to the next level. The special NuVinci Optimized hub features rotating balls that, over its ratio range, permit an infinite number of ratios between incoming power (from the pedals) and outgoing power (via the chain on the bike). A manual or automatic controller tilts the balls on the horizontal axis, causing the gear ratio to change, and you let up or apply pressure to the pedals accordingly. As a result, damaged shift cables and maintenance to fix malfunctioning gears are a thing of the past. With the continuously variable NuVinci Optimized transmission, you will progress effortlessly from one gear ratio to the next making pedaling a breeze!

A Focus on Priorities

NuVinci technology means: Concentrating less on operating the bike and more on what's important! For example, traffic, road hazards, passengers, and just the beauty of your surroundings.

Uninterrupted Pedaling for Safe Cycling

Typically, you downshift before stopping. Then, it usually takes a while to get up to speed again as you have to shift a few times and that requires time and concentration. The fundamental idea behind NuVinci Optimized hubs is that technology shouldn’t create more work; rather it should relieve you of work. With a NuVinci Optimized hub, you can move through the infinite number of ratios in its ratio range using the intuitive twist shifter on the handelbar. You can shift whether you are accelerating full speed ahead, braking, or waiting at a light. What’s more this revolutionary gear hub requires practially no maintenance. Poorly adjusted shifting mechanisms and chains dropping are now a thing of the past. With NuVinci Optimized bikes, you can just keep riding.

Stepless Shifting with NFinityTM Group Sets

Why Bother Switching Gears Manually?

With the Harmony™ system, riding your eBike will become even more comfortable.  You select how quickly you would like to pedal, and the technology does the rest. As a result, you can maintain a steady pace wherever you go, regardless of inclines or wind. What's more, the Harmony system automatically starts in a low gear ratio, making it easy to start pedaling after coming to a stop. 

The transmission that gives you the cadence you need

Hobby cyclists, in particular, often don't feel like thinking about the proper gear ratio. That is why the developers of NuVinci Cycling came up with a technology that calculates and sets the perfect ratio automatically: the Harmony™ system. Special sensors measure the pedal rotations and bike speed. Using these values, the control unit adjusts the ratio of the NuVinci Optimized transmission in the hub fully automatically so that you can maintain your desired cadence throughout your ride. On the Harmony Advanced Controller, you also have a choice: Press one button you can take over shifting, steplessly and effortlessly, on your own. If you have the fully integrated Harmony H|Sync™ system, you don't even need to add another shifter—everything is integrated directly into the eBike control unit. 

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Biking Is Better When We Do It Together 

Enjoy your ride within the right gear ratio supported by NuVinci Optimized product groups! You'll be amazed at how you'll fly from one place to the next, and how much farther a conventional e-bike battery will take you thanks to the efficient shifting from Harmony™. And you won't be the only one amazed at the routes you now tackle without any problems. Try it today!

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Faster, Farther and More Fun 

The NuVinci Optimized product groups can offer the ideal setting for every purpose and every kind of cyclist. All systems contain the revolutionary NuVinci technology, which provides you with stepless shifting. You can graduate to using the automatic Harmony™ system, which completely relieves you of changing the gear ratio, and finally, there's the fully integrated Harmony H|Sync™ solution, which can be integrated into the existing eBike control unit without requiring an additional shifter on the handlebars.

1) NuVinci Optimized N380 transmission 2) Harmony H|Sync Hub Interface
3) eBike motor 4) user interface of the eBike motor


Experience a High-Tech, Personal Solution Now!

The inspired, revolutionary NuVinci transmission technology can be incorporated anywhere where gear ratios need to be varied. Use this cutting edge technology from Fallbrook Technologies Inc. and discover a whole new way of cycling! 

Fallbrook Technologies

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The Technological Revolution 

The fundamentals of power transmission remained unchanged for nearly 2500 years, even though Leonardo da Vinci sketched his vision for a continuously variable transmission over 500 years ago—until the American company Fallbrook Technologies developed an economical and maintenance-free stepless system. In theory, a NuVinci Optimized transmission can be incorporated anywhere, where the ratio of power inputs and outputs needs to be controlled: in vehicles, industrial plants, and for the extraction and processing of raw materials. Fallbrook has invested millions of dollars and holds over 700 patents and pending patent applications worldwide so that they can launch this revolutionary technology, which has already been incorporated into bicycles and eBikes from more than 80 of the world's best bicycle manufacturers. Ask your dealer about NuVinci Optimized bicycles and experience this brand new way of cycling!