The technical sessions are structured on two levels. Retailers can begin with the introductory ‘Level A’, followed by a more advanced workshop, ‘Level B’. For both levels, participants will receive a certificate.

The introductory session will include an overview of each product, as well as servicing and troubleshooting hubs, controllers, and the desktop software. The advanced sessions will focus on deeper insights and more hands-on troubleshooting scenarios.

We recently announced our partnership with COBI where we have fully integrated our Harmony H|Sync™ system into their smartphone-based cockpit technology. To further support our partnership, a COBI workshop will be available at each location.

Register now for the MY2018 training series and learn more about the features and benefits of our product groupsets. Also get valuable tips and tricks for technical service and sales of these products and get the chance to become NuVinci® Cycling Service Point.


You can join level B when you joined a training Level A or MY2017.

20. February    |  Weiterstadt                      Level A    Level B

17. October     |  Hamburg                           Level A   Level B 

24. October     |  Berlin                                 Level A   Level B 

14./15. November |  Muenster/ Altenberge  Level A   Level B

05./ 06.December |  Cologne                       Level A   Level B

13./ 14. December |  Munich                        Level A   Level B

23./ 24. January     |  Stuttgart                      Level A   Level B


26. February   | Salzburg      Level A   Level B


12./ 13. March        |  Eindhoven   Level A   Level B

06./ 07. November  |  Ede             Level A    Level B    

18./ 19. December  |  Dordrecht   Level A    Level B

05./ 06. February    |  Beverwijk    Level A   Level B

15./ 16. January     |  Zwolle         Level A   Level B

05./ 06. March        | Ede              Level A    Level B


19./ 20. March       |  Olen                         Level A   Level B

30./31. October      |  Gent                         Level A   Level B

27.-29. November  |  Grobbendonk/Olen  Level A   Level B

12. February          |  Namur                      Level A   Level B (French)


11. December  |  Zurich        Level A    Level B 

12.December  |  Zurich         Level A+B

29. January    |   Huttwil        Level A    Level B (French)

30. January    |   Huttwil        Level A    Level B (German)

For any questions regarding the trainings or application, please send an email to