NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., aims to move people better through its product portfolio of stepless, automatic and integrated shifting products for bicycles and eBikes. The first commercial product incorporating NuVinci technology was the N170 continuously variable transmission (CVT) for bicycles introduced in September 2006, followed by the lighter weight and smaller N360™ model in 2010 an the Harmony™ auto-shifting system for bicycles (incorporating the N360) in 2011. Current NuVinci Optimized™ cycling products include the Nfinity and Harmony group sets, which comprise newer versions of the transmissions and controllers. NuVinci Cycling products are available in over 100 bicycle brands.


Fallbrook Technologies Inc. is the developer of the patented NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, which can improve the performance and efficiency of machines that use a transmission, engine, pump, motor or gear – including bicycles, cars and trucks, industrial equipment and many others. Fallbrook, with its development community, provides the technology, tools, and know-how to help companies quickly move from R&D to market commercialization. In 2006, NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies, was formed to support and sell the Nfinity bicycle transmission and the Harmony auto-shifting system for bicycles. Fallbrook is based in Cedar Park, near Austin in the U.S. state of Texas, and holds rights to over 80 patents and patent applications worldwide. 

OUR MissioN

Our mission is to move people better, with our stepless and automatic shifting products.
We want cycling to be simpler, more fun, safer and healthier. Riding a NuVinci Optimized bike means concentrating less on changing gears and more on what’s important, for example: traffic, road hazards, passengers, and just the beauty of your surroundings Our products were first launched in 2006 and are backed by over 800 patents and patent applications worldwide. Today, they are available globally in over 100 bicycle and eBike brands.

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